Spa, Body & Massage


Begin with a relaxing foot soak in the comforts of our private rooms, followed by a luxurious massage in your preferred style on our extra wide and comfortable massage beds. Finish your massage in our large adjoining bathrooms with a full range of toiletries provided.


Our spa therapies combines our stress relieving massages with srubs, lotions or special hot stones, all designed to elevate your senses and remove all doubts and worries. Finish your spa therapies with a hot shower in our large adjoining bathrooms.


Vedure has sourced an impecable collection of beauty technologies designed to tone, augment and improve the different parts of your body. Distinct and potent ingredients used in our treatments are sourced from all corners of the globe.

Healing, Stress-Relieving, Invigorating
60/90/120 min
This healing massage employs pushing and stroking techniques, incorporating principles of energy flow into your experience. This massage decreases stress, anxiety, strain, as well as aches that might be present..
Key Benefits
- Calms tired muscles
- Strengthens & improve blood flow
- Decreases stress, anxiety and strain
- Improves lymphatic drainage system
Stress-Relieving, Relaxing, Stimulating
60/90/120 min
A western classic massage which employs conventional anatomy and physiology in its therapy, this technique is relaxing, often using long strokes with kneading and tapping in its arsenal. This ultra sensuous and luxurious massage treatment is perfect for those wanting a day off from their senses.
Key Benefits
- Relieves anxiety, stress and depression
- Promotes healthy sleep
- Stimulates blood flow
- Relaxes the mind and other senses
Lymphatic Drainage
Detoxifying, Rejuvenating, Stress-Relieving
60/90 min
The perfect follow up to slimming programs or even as a stand alone, this massage focuses on removing remnant fat cells and toxins from the body through the lymph nodes.
Key Benefits
- Reduces body swelling
- Improves detoxification of the body
- Boosts cell regeneration
- Improves immune system
Deep Tissue
Healing, Invigorating, Stimulating
60/90 min
Performed by our master masseuse, this therapeutic hands-on-body manipulation massage that employs firm pressure using palms, fingertips and knuckles to remove blockages along the meridians of the body and stimulate the flow of energy or Qi to promote healing from within.
Key Benefits
- Releases tension and muscle stiffness
- Increases flexibility and suppleness
- Improves posture and physical performance
- Relieves and controls pain
Deep Slimming
Invigorating, Stimulating, Slimming
90 min
An invigorating massage which accelerates fat and water loss. This therapy combines various massage techniques to release stored fat in connective tissues and then releasing it via lymphatic drainage. Customers should note this massage may be considered aggressive.
Key Benefits
- Trims down excess cellulite
- Burns down fat deposit
- Enhances body's circulation
- Improves suppleness and muscle flexibility
Pre Natal
Stress-Relieving, Relaxing, Nuturing
60/90 min
For second to third trimesters, this nurturing massage uses a blend of essential oils specifically formulated for pregnancy, which helps reduce stress, promote relaxation and increase circulation. This massage is performed in side lying position to ensure comfort and relaxation. We recommend consulting your physician prior to booking.
Key Benefits
Reduces back and joint pain
- Improves circulation
- Reduces muscle tension and headaches
- Improves oxygenation of soft tissues and muscles
V Signature Experience
Luxurious, All-in-One, Stress Relieving
120 min
The epitome of the Vedure relaxation experience, your treatment begins with an exfoliating scrub to cleanse and revitalize the skin, followed by a decadent body mask to ease your body into a relaxing state. After a shower, a 60min massage in your preferred variation completes the service.
Key Benefits
- 98% All-natural ingredients - Improves detoxification of the body
- Exfoliates the body's skin
- Refreshes the senses
Mineral Earth
Whitening, Exfoliating, Rejuvenating
90 min
A decadent spa treatment for overworked and fatigued skin, this 100% pure European clay treatment nourishes and softens the skin while lavender extracts relaxes the mind and body, promoting an overall sense of well being and calm.
Key Benefits
- Brightens the skin
- Soothes the skin
Treatment Steps
- Cleanse & Tone
- Peel Treatment
- Moisturizer/Serum/Sunscreen (if needed)
Vanilla Pumpkin
Brightening, Exfoliating, Refreshing
90 min
Pumpkin, naturally rich in beta carotene and active enzymes, renews tired skin as clays gently draw out impurities and toxins. We’ve paired our warm essential oil-based pumpkin blend with a variety of French Sugared Vanilla products for the perfect autumn treat, reminiscent of warm pumpkin pie with freshly whipped cream.
Key Benefits
- Refreshes the senses
- Promotes blood circulation
- Exfoliates the skin
- 98% Natural / Preservative & Phthlate Free
Moroccan Incense
Purifying, Relaxing, Circulating
90 min
Renew and refresh tired skin as the sacred, sensual aromas of sandalwood and vanilla fill the air. An array of ancient Arabian beauty secrets infuse the skin with a cocktail of powerful anti-oxidants (pomegranate oil, fit extract and rich Turkish coffee) as a sun-dried Moroccan lava clay masque pulls toxins from deep within the skin.
Key Benefits
- Relieves muscular stress and tension
- Promotes even circulation
- Exfoliates the skin
- 98% Natural / Preservative & Phthlate Free
Relaxing, Calming, Energizing
30/60 min
Suitable for times of anxiety, sleeplessness and stress, the warmth from our specially selected stones dissolves tension, melts pain, strain and muscle aches away, and gently improves circulation. This ultra relaxing treatment is the perfect gateway complement to begin our massages.
Key Benefits
- Improves blood circulation
- Relieves muscle pain and tension
- Refreshes & relaxes the senses
- Reduces stress and anxiety
Green Tea Yuzu
Refreshing, Exfoliating, Nourishing
90 min
The beauty secrets of the Japanese, Yuzu has long been the golden fruit responsible for a good cardiovascular system and glowing skin. Enhanced with Green tea, a well known anti-oxidant, this treatment is perfect for anti-ageing goals.
Key Benefits
- Nourishes the skin
- Exfoliates and whitens the skin
- Rejuenvates the senses
- 98% Natural / Preservative & Phthlate Free
Peruvian Chocolate
Nourishing, Exfoliating, Anti-Ageing
90 min
Fortify your skin with potent antioxidants naturally abundant in red wine. The perfect choice for mature or sun-damaged skin, our Tuscan Wine Session gently exfoliates expired cells as it infuses the skin with soothing honey and essential vitamins. The finishing touch is a relaxing massage with an intensive body oil enriched with the power of Tuscan red grapes.
Key Benefits
- Nourishes the skin
- Delays pre-mature ageing
- Exfoliates the skin
- 98% Natural / Preservative & Phthlate Free
Bust Toning
Firming, Tightening, Stimulating
60 min
This bust therapy treatment uses the latest micro-current technology to tone, lift and stimulate chest muscles. A nutrient-rich cream is first massaged onto the breasts before therapy begins, optimising breast enhancement results.
Micro-currents then work in synchrony with the body’s own bio-electrical field, relaxing the bosom and stimulating blood circulation for firmer and more natural looking busts.
Key Benefits
- Firms and tones the muscles
- Stimulates blood flow and circulation
- Tightens the skin
Miracle Hot Wrap
Detoxifying, Slimming, Contouring
55-60 min
Used as a complement to our Body Contouring Treatment or even as a stand alone session, a hot slimming wrap is used in conjunction with our special blend to contour and enhance the body's natural shape. This treatment is perfect for prepping yourself for special events as the results are instant and noticeable.
Key Benefits
- Boosts skin's collagen production
- Nourishes & refreshes the skin
- Combats premature aging
Vibrance for Back Acne
Exfoliating, Purifying, Smoothening
55-60 min
Designed especially for those who suffer from acne on the back, this treatment uses Vedure's unique blend of anti-acne technologies to clear and clarify the skin.
Key Benefits
- Exfoliates dead skin cells to prevent clogging of pores
- Targets acne infection
Contouring, Tightening, Stimulating
25-30 min
This ultra decadent and comfortable treatment uses a unique blend of micro-current stimulation, ultrasonic waves to 'lift' and reposition the muscles for a clearer facial definition. LED technology further softens wrinkles and fine lines to boost confidence and extends a youthful appearance.
Key Benefits
- Destroys fat cells
- Firms and tightens the skin
- Boosts collagen and elastin production
IPL Hair Removal
Bikini, Under Arms, Legs, Full Body | 30-60 min
Regardless of skin type or hair type, Vedure has a wealth of experience, knowledge and technology to deliver the most effective results. Our highly-trained Hair Removal Masters tailor each customer's treatment to their unique hair removal needs using our industry-leading noninvasive solutions for unwanted hair anywhere on the face or body.
Key Benefits
- Destroys hair follicles effectively
- Multiple session for long term removal
Thermal Cocoon
Detoxifying, Stimulating, Contouring
55-60 min
Sourced directly from France, biocompatible long infrared rays incorporated in the core casing of our thermal cocoon penetrates deep into the dermis to detoxify and slim the body. This special arms-free system is the only kind in the world, allowing customers to feel a new kind of freedom not found anywhere else. With our specially formulated slimming cream, customers can turn to the thermal cocoon for a fast and extremely effective slimming therapy.
Key Benefits
- Enhances blood circulation and flow
- Contours the body
- Detoxify the body
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