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Be Assured of your Purchase.
We wear the Case Trust logo with pride, as this indicates our trusting relationship and clean record we have. The primary objective is to instill consumer confidence in our industry by adopting good business practices, which we stand behind. The consumer friendly policies that we follow are

Case Trust Logo

Stress-Free Treatment Clear Fee Policies
When patronising Vedure, you can be assured of relaxing and stress-free treatments because of a 'No Selling' policy once you enter the treatment room. Clearly articulated and documented policies on charges and refunds. These must be fully disclosed to customers and adhered to according to the terms and conditions of the contract between the businesses and customers.
Well-Defined Business Practices Well-Trained Personnel
Besides good business practices and systems, there should be a redress system with proper and clearly defined dispute resolution mechanisms for the business and customers. The business must ensure that it has trained sales staff who do not practice unethical sales tactics and are able to provide good customer service.
Insurance Coverage for Packages 5-day Cooling-Off Period
Consumers signing up for the pre-paid treatment packages can be assured that the value of their un-utilized sessions will be insured, with documentation and real-time verification of their insurance coverage provided. Consumers enjoy a cooling-off period of at least 5 working days to seek full refund of payments made for spa packages if they do not wish to proceed with the services offered. The 5-day cooling-off period offers recourse for consumers who have been pressured into signing up.

Trust, is the key component in our relationships with our Customers

5Senses Program

An Introduction 1. See (Ambient Light)
At Vedure, we believe that all 5 senses play a strong role in the overall well being of our customers, and because every one of us has a unique preference, we encourage all our guests to customise their treatment to maximise their experience at Vedure. Inform your attending therapist if you wish to have natural sunlight pour into your room, or if you would prefer just the glowof our candles instead of any overhead light.
2. Taste (After Treatment Snack) 3. Sound (Music)
For our facial and massage customer, a complimentary beverage and snack awaits you after your treatment. Indulge in our freshly baked granola bar, light crackers or a caramel biscuit and wash it down with an herbal tea or a freshly brewed coffee. If you have any dietary restrictions, do let us know and we will customise your snack accordingly. We have a wide range of spa music, lush chilled out tunes and even ambient sounds like waterfalls and raindrops to suit any discerning taste. Do let us know before you arrive if you require any change in your choice of music.
4. Scent (Aromatherapy) 5. Touch (Massage/Extraction Strength)
From the ever popular lemongrass to a calming lavender, Vedure stocks a combination of 12 different aromatherapy scents for our customers. Ask your attending therapist for the available choice and choose one that will transport you to another place. If you wish to have a lighter, more sensual massage or perhaps even a gentler extraction during your facial, do let your therapist know and we will take note of your preferences.

Your Body Hears Everything Your Mind Says

Spa Etiquette

On Time Arrival No Show/Cancellation
As a courtesy to other clients, therapies must conclude at their scheduled finishing time. If you arrive late for your appointment and we have another customer booking after yours, it is most likely we will not be able to extend your appointment beyond the time you have chosen to schedule with us.

We encourage all our clients to arrive 10 to 15 minutes in advance and relax at our waiting area.
A 24-hour cancellation notice is required to help us re-schedule your appointment, subject to space availability. Any cancellation with less than 24 hours’ notice will incur a 50% cancellation fee or half a treatment will be deducted from your package.

Full charges or a single treatment deduction will be imposed for a “no-show”. We understand emergencies do happen, please give us a call to inform us of your unavailability for the session.

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